From accidents and injuries to pains that appear as we age, these are just a few of the people who have partnered with Pain Specialists of America for their journey from pain to living life again. They’ve each faced their own unique challenges, but now they all have one thing in common: They’re back.


I’m Back to Waking Up Happy

My name is Phyllis and I started having back pain flare-ups about three years ago. I couldn’t do much of anything and I had what people call a “brain fog.” Pain Specialists of America created an interventional pain management plan just for me. Now I’m thinking straight without the pain. I’m back to waking up happy!

I’m Back and Ready to Get Back to Being a Mom

My name is Linda. After my car accident, chronic pain made it difficult for me to keep up with my sons. I was in such a dark place. Thankfully, my doctor took the time to create a personalized treatment plan for me. Life for me is amazing now. I’m back and ready to be a mom again!



I’m Back to Enjoying Life

My name is Michael. I’m a retired army infantry officer. In 1991, I was diagnosed with chronic lower back pain. I met Dr. Mehta in 2018 and he created an individualized plan for me. Now, 95% of my pain is gone. My message to anyone suffering: You don’t have to endure the pain. I’m back to enjoying life!

Do you have a story to tell?

If you’re back to living life your way after suffering from chronic pain, we want to hear your story. Tell us what you’ve been through, how we helped, and what you’re doing now. By sharing your story, you might inspire others to take the first step towards living life again.

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I’m Back to Gardening and Fishing

My name is Cathy. A few years ago, I could barely walk. I had no idea why I was in pain. I couldn’t garden, go fishing, or do any of my normal activities. The staff treated me very well, and my doctor created a plan just for me. I’m back to gardening, fishing, and doing what I want to do!



I’m Back to Being a Husband and a Father

My name is Vincent. Before I retired, I fell and broke my knee, neck, and back, which resulted in chronic pain. When I came to Pain Specialists of America, my pain was a 10 out of 10. My care team put me first, and my spinal cord stimulator is working tremendously. I’m back to being a husband and a father!

I’m Back to Seeing My Family and Friends

My name is Robin and in 2009, I was hit with a pain so severe I could barely stand up. I was diagnosed with “painful bladder syndrome.” I was recommended to Pain Specialists of America and Dr. Gutierrez. Ever since it’s been extraordinary. I’m back to seeing my family and friends again!